Our Story

Our mission statement is: "We protect you every way that we can.”

In early 2020, Nichent Energy, like many other small businesses, had to temporarily halt its operations. Thanks to our robust supply chain, however, we were able to pivot operations and secure a consistent supply of high quality KN95 and N95 masks. Nichent Energy quickly began to supply municipalities, health authorities, and major corporations across the country as demand was strong and reputable suppliers scarce. 

Subsequently, the supply of nitrile gloves and other types of personal protective equipment quickly became inconsistent. Nichent was again able to address this void and secured a significant supply at competitive prices. The dental industry for example is a major consumer of nitrile gloves, so Nichent immediately launched a program to supply dental offices across the country. 

The dental program has been a success and we are pleased to now serve dental clients in every Canadian province. As a result of these and other ongoing PPE supply services, we are pleased to formally introduce our new entity, Nichent Health.