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We provide a consistent supply of high-quality personal protective equipment, in bulk, and to those who are located in Edmonton, Alberta and all over across the country. 

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We protect you in every way that we can

In early 2020, thanks to our robust supply chain, Nichent Health was created and has secured a consistent supply of high-quality KN95 and N95 masks. Our team had quickly began to supply municipalities, health authorities, and major corporations across Alberta and the country as demand was high and reputable suppliers were scarce. 

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  • We protect you in every way that we can.
  • We provide vetted PPE from verified suppliers.
  • We provide a consistent supply of high quality KN95 and N95 masks.

We serve clients in the Prairie provinces and beyond!

Finding a supplier you can trust and rely on can be hard. We serve clients in each province and around the country and everyone should have appropriate PPE that keeps them safe. At Nichent Health your health is our number one priority, which is why we offer quality PPE sold in bulk at competitive prices. 

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We help all kinds of industries in Edmonton, Alberta

Let’s keep Alberta open for business! Shop with Nichent Health today to secure an order of nitrile gloves, face shields, face masks, and much more. Let’s protect our community in every way we can by using PPE when leaving the house and visiting public spaces. 

Why PPE is important

Did you know that PPE is the last line of defense when protecting staff members? PPE has been used as far back as the first century to help protect from dust and general respiratory protection. This is why it’s important to purchase high-quality PPE from a trusted source and have it delivered right to your door in Edmonton, Alberta or anywhere in Canada.